Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Theatrical Tension

Since the 16th, can't really remember any dream clearly enough to recall coherently.

Date: July 20th-21st, 2010
Category: Strange Dream
Genre: Slice of Life/Dystopia
POV: Myself
Time-Span (Dream): Several Hours
Time-Span (Reality): 10 Hours (2 AM - 12 PM)
Memorable Taglines: Drama, Performance, Zombies, Mech
Summary: This dream was weird because it started off pretty normal, I was enrolled in a school play to play a somewhat major role and got into a retarded arguement with a small girl playing a lead role. She was screaming at me at how much more important she was for being the MAINEST character in the play. I don't even remember what my role was exactly, but a clown-ghost comes to mind. Her role was like.. some daughter of some king, but she was missing throughout the entire play, and the plot of the play was to look for the missing daughter.
Later on I remember visiting an arcade at a diner to just chillax from all the drama/tension and some employee was fixing up a broken arcade machine, and I remember watching him and telling him I could help him fix it, since he was doing something wrong with the wires. Then before I was able to help him, something happened and I got time-warped into the future from the machine.
It just got weirder from there, since the future looked medieval, as stone walls were everywhere, but I remember pilotting a military mech, and got thrust into the 'real version' of the play I was performing. There were zombies that someone was barricading using a overturned cargo cart from a stone archway and they were of familiar people that I had seen or talked to from earlier in the play, then the zombies broke through and I had to fly away with the mech since I didn't have much ammo.

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