Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soaring Cathedral

Only remember one particular scene from this dream.

Date: July 6th - 7th, 2010
Category: ???
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
POV: 1st/3rd person
Time-Span (Dream): Short. (???)
Time-Span (Reality): 5 hours (2 AM - 7 AM)
Memorable Taglines: Goliath
I was standing amongst the interior of a grandiose architecture, of which structure was intimidatingly tall and looming. The dim golden lighting casted a beautiful sepia-tan glow amongst the polished tiles. The sleek curvatures and design of the building near suggested that it was from the future, but it was made of stone, so instead I deduced that it was from the past. I most distinctly remember donning a suit of armor and a cape, but it wasn't particularly heavy. It was nearly as light as regular clothing, and I had a short sword with me.
There was a stone goliath that I rode on, and he spoke to me only in whispers. His steps created ripples amongst the tiles and he told me that the cathedral was sleeping, so you weren't supposed to speak loudly. However, there was a knight that entered from one of the far entrances, and screamed a battle cry while waving a mace in my direction, and the tiles began to crumble in an concentric pattern, still maintaining their individual shapes in response to the reverberations that rebounded against the walls. I saw that the abyss beginning to form seemed to have no bottom, and me and the stone goliath began to run for the nearest archway to the next room, which was up a flight of stairs.

There isn't much else that I can recall.

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