Monday, July 12, 2010

Service Endowment

The July 9th-10th dream was entirely forgotten due to drama between me and a friend, and the July 10th-11th dream I had no time to recall, due to a Comic Battle Cycle on WFA.

Date: July 11th-12th, 2010
Category: ???
Genre: Action/Drama
POV: Robert
Time-Span (Dream): Several Hours
Time-Span (Reality): 5 Hours (3 AM - 8 AM)
Memorable Taglines: Butler, Murderer
This is one of the rare dreams where I was enacting as my character, Robert. (Probably the 2nd time I had a dream from his POV since I made him.) However, for whatever reason in the dream, I completely forgot that his occupation was supposed to be a barber, which is understandable, because I hardly place emphasis on his occupation. In the dream, I had mistakenly thought he was a waiter of some sort.

The dream goes as following; It begins in a metropolis during the evening-time, resembling something of a clean city with medium skyscrapers and apartment complexes, with significantly little cars and people, and way more plant life. I remember strolling through a winding pathway in a grassy park, going through a tunnel, contemplating how I lost my previous occupation as a waiter and wondering what I can do to get by.

I strolled around town, and noticed that one of the doors leading to a house was open, indicated by the warm glow heavily contrasting the cool outdoors lighting. I made my way into the house and noticed a woman with a young boy. She immediately looked into my direction and asked if I could help look after and take care of her son as a butler, and she would pay alot of money for my services. Since I happened to be looking for a job, I accepted the offer.

The dream skipped ahead to where I started my job, dressed up in a suit, and I was looking after the boy. He was sitting on his bed, and looking frustrated with one of his toys. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that he's been trying to think of a plan to murder someone that's been bothering his family for awhile. I tucked him in to bed and told him I would help him out.

The next day, I served breakfast for him and we were discussing plans in privacy about how to murder him. On the outside, whenever his mother was around, we'd pretend to play a game together, or I'd put on a professional attitude. I can't recall any details of the target person, but I do distinctively remember sharpening a dagger and freerunning/parkouring around the city, looking for the location of the target.

That's about it.

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