Friday, July 9, 2010

Nuclear Thermodynamics

Date: July 8th-9th, 2010
Category: Good Dream
Genre: Slice of Life (Sci-Fi?)
POV: Myself
Time-Span (Dream): Several Hours
Time-Span (Reality): 9 Hours (4 AM - 1 PM)
Memorable Taglines: Resort, Alaska
Upon the completion of my Entertainment Design college track, I went on vacation, and traveled via helicopter to a new hi-tech, hot springs resort in Alaska with some of my classmates. Nuclear Fusion/Thermonuclear energy is a eco-friendly, efficient, and hi-powered technology that has been implemented into this resort, and has not been figured out on terms of being harnessed yet in this present day and age. The architecture looked something like a suspended dark spaceship on high curved beam supports, and looked beautiful with blue and red lights on the exterior. There were crazy waterslides and large hot pools visible from the top.

The evening seemed to be in some sort of perpetual state of bright red sunset as I entered the facility, which consisted of roughly 4 large floors with curving, wavy designs and a warm wooden floor panel covering. All of them had some sort of spa or hot spring design. The windows were towering and let in the sunlight, and allowed you to see the scenic views of the looming mountains and icebergs. They were one-way glass, so people or objects from the outside could not see the interior. One of the spa employees escorted me to the dressing rooms and I changed into my swimming trunks and explored the facility.

I remember getting a cool glass of juice and some big head director of a gaming company spotted me, and told me he recognized my artwork. We had a conversation about him hiring me to be the lead designer/artist for his next big title, and I was stoked. He showed me a video games console and we played against each other in one of his action/fighting titles (I definitely lost against him) and I enjoyed myself and relaxed in one of the spa pools for a time...

Then one of my friends escorted me up to the rooftop of the facility. There was a snowstorm going on outside and night has fallen pretty heavily, obscuring alot of the view of outside save the clouds in the air, but the heat from the hot springs and spas counteracted against any snow that flung itself at the guests, so no one had to go back inside. I remembered going up to one of the craziest water slides, and upon reaching the bottom, I woke up.

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