Sunday, July 4, 2010


Had a very elaborate dream last night. I cannot remember the dream as a whole coherent writable story.

I have recorded the most distinctive and memorable scenes in my dream. It was extremely visual, so there are several things I managed to recall. They are not in an accurate order that I've witnessed them because I can't remember all the details in my dream.

Date: July 3rd -4th, 2010
Category: Strange, Non-Sequitur Dream
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy ?
POV: 3rd-person, omnipotent?. sometimes switches to 1st-person
Role: From time to time, was myself, but switched to POV of various external angles watching myself (no distinguishment of who I was), was a fox at one point
Time-Span (Dream): Indeterminable
Time-Span (Reality): 10 hours of sleep (4 AM - 2 PM)
Memorable taglines: Studio Ghibli Video Game/Film Production, Fantasy, Water-Coaster, Curse, Dogs

I remember being in a pristine white train station. There were security passes and shops with bright decorations. A white-haired conductor was talking to me, but I cannot remember what the exchange was about. I vaguely remember him saying something about Christmas, though.

One bizarre portion of the dream was being able to have an aerial view of this parade. These people, which were Mexican, were hanging by some sort of rope attached to the bottom of the apartment's overhanging roof. They were playing music, while the woman was dancing. The metropolis itself was dull and gritty, (Think New York-esque) and the lighting was sunrise. Alot of balloons were rising during the parade, and there were floats and blimps and larger balloons.

I saw more of the parade, still from the higher POV. Massive crowds of people were down there.

Another portion of the dream, I was watching a group of teenagers run by on a well lit, wide pathway on a lush hillside accompanied by modest houses. One of them was on a bike, and there were alot of dogs following them.
I don't know what the hell this is supposed to be, but I remember drawing this place IN the dream, sometime after actually visiting it. Again, this was on a hillside, and this is an angular building. Never went inside of it. Only knew what it looked like externally. There was a stone wall that passed through the angular point, and one side of the house extends extremely long downhill.
This is one of the more colorfully vivid parts of the dream I remember. A fox (that I later became) being trapped, then pierced by thick, thorned vines that were alive. I witnessed him trying to run through the courtyard, only to get stopped by these fast-moving organic entrails. He was in a rectangular courtyard full of iron fences. I remember touching his soft pointed ears (sense of touch picked up by touching my husky's ears).
This is a view of the mansion that had the rectangular courtyard with the vines. I don't know its significance. It was really dark, and had bright orange windows.
The last memorable part of my dream took place in my house, where I was installing water-rollercoasters into the 1st and 2nd stories of my house. (A definite dreamsign, because I've had water rollercoasters in past dreams in varying forms and sizes.) I remember my brother being around, and I remember riding them and removing them and testing them, and installing more.

Anything else is a blur.

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