Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Dream for Monday, July 5th, 2010
I didn't feel like writing yesterday so I forgoed the dream journal for a day.
This dream was in a couple distinct sections broken up by awakenings throughout the night.

The first section took place in one of those familiar yet unmistakably off. It was my school, but a larger, more grandiose and yet had an almost more futuristic vibe, with the ceiling covered with large panes of glass instead of an opaque roof. The first thing I remember in this dream is a bell being rung to go to the cafeteria for lunch. I walked alone down the long expansive hallways with large crowds headed towards the cafeteria as well. The layout of the school was exactly the same. I made my way to the stairs headed down to the large lunch room, and began descending to the lower floor. I felt the presence of someone important to me walking behind me down the stairs as well. I knew it was her. I made my way to the lunch room and purchased a meal, and went to go sit with my friends. The whole lunch room was empty with the exception of myself and my friends and her and her group of friends. I eagerly watched them talk and buddy around for the remainder of the dream, while sitting at one of the tables my friends had taken.

The next part of the dream was more surreal and I remember less about this one. In fact, I'm not even quite sure if this part is totally separate from the part after it since I don't remember exactly if I had woken up or started a new dream or what have you. The sole thing I remember in this dream is walking around a crowded, almost festival or fair like atmosphere with Cliff Bleszinski, famed video game producer and director. I chatted with him as if we had known each other for a some time, and much like the school from the last section, he looked enough like Cliff and sounded like him enough for me to know it was him, but he still looked off. He was chubbier and more homely. I don't remember the specifics of what we did or really much else in this section, but it struck me in a weird way.

The final section -- whether it flowed from the section before or not -- returned back to the school from the very first segment of this strange sequence of dreams. It was the evening now, and on the opposite wing of the second floor of the school, where the history department lies. It was some sort of fair for projects, or something to that effect. I remember not actually being part of a group who had their project out on the showfloor, instead I walked from station to station observing either the projects or the groups walking around. The only project I distinctly remember was one created by a group of girls, one of which was a girl I took AP Art with. She and her group had built some sort of maze into the school walls. When I was asking the representative about it, she said there lied 64 secrets within the walls, and there was an even more unknown "69th secret". I don't know what any of this meant at all. The non-representative group members sat with their backs against the wall and looked apathetic. I had a small conversation with the girl from my art class and ran off. I went to the bottom floor. I had a feeling I was looking or searching for something or someone. When I realized this, I saw a group of tall and voluptuous women in short dresses walking towards me. The floor was almost pitch black, but behind them a light shone, making them seem akin to angels or something to that effect. I looked straight into the eyes of a tall blonde girl in a blue dress. I woke up within the dream outside of the dream in front of a computer screen in a dark room. I then woke up in real life.

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