Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eversion, except with a different plot

If you've played the game Eversion, you'd understand that the game has different 'layers' of reality that you can everse to, which is the most interesting point of that game despite being a simple, 2D side-scrolling Mario-esque platformer game. Anyways, that aspect, the ability to 'everse' seems to be the cornerstone of this dream. I had the ability to 'everse' layers at will.

Date: July 24th-25th, 2010
Category: Almost Nightmare
Genre: Slice-of-life/Fantasy-Scifi
POV: Myself
Time-Span (Dream): Several Hours
Time-Span (Reality): 8 Hours (4 AM - 12 PM)
Memorable Taglines: Eversion
The dream takes place in what I first assumed was a fantasy world, but I was later informed that I was on an exotic, untouched-by-humans planet that was inhabited by creatures that resembled many of the animals from our own planet. A small group of people, myself included, have landed here to investigate and integrate our civilization onto this planet peacefully. The group of people consisted of young, intelligent people but had an adventurous and bold spirit, which apparently what it took to qualify for this mission. The place we landed in was a beautiful, venerable forest, full of greens and yellows, very tall growths, twisting, gnarled branches and oversized vines, covered with moss and grasses. There was sunlight filtered through the branches and entanglement of the canopy, and I excitedly explored the lush forest with three other people, who were young adults. I remember running through a grassy field of tiny butterflies and climbing onto large roots to advance further through the forest. There was even an elevated potion of the roots where it enclosed a lot of water, and I had to take a rowboat with my partners into the vine crossed tunnels. There was a waterway portion where it was blocked by excess roots, and that's when I discovered that I could 'everse' so I can get past the obstacles. Once I everted into layer 2, the vines were receded and the atmosphere became turquoise, and everything was slightly darker- and we were able to bypass that layer.

I remember continuing into the turquoise lighted forest until we emerged from the vine tunnel and came upon a place with a more plainish appearance with much less trees. The only trees that were there were all fallen or uprooted, and the most significant occupant was the herd of elephants that occupied those areas. However, these elephants were not ordinary, because we discovered that they could understand human speech. In layer 2's timeline, people had already tried to 'educate' and befriend the elephants with our language so they could actually try to speak it. When I everted back to layer 1, which was the original yellow-green lush forest timeline, the people were not present and the elephants were minding their own business. Out of a deeper curiousity, I everted back to layer 2 with the people educating elephants, then went onto layer 3, which was even a darker, and duller blue. The plants were noticeably beginning to wilt and darken, drooping in stature, and I watched the elephants being used as cargo slaves to transport human loads. The furthest I went was layer 4 for the time being, because I was beginning to fear what would ultimately happen. The atmophere was a dull grayish yellow, the plants had become brown and decayed, and the rocks began to turn alive, and began to attack me, while I saw armed humanoid alien soldiers riding the elephants as war machines across the fallen trees, so had to remain in hiding, and run back. I everted back to layer 2, where things were still safe. I decided not to evert too far for the fear of being defenseless and ending up getting myself killed unless I really needed to.

Later on down the line, I traversed across the fallen-tree plain into a high quarry of rocks and trees with my partners, and gradually went downhill through the dirt and rock inclines. We ended up some sort of strange pool at the bottom and one of the people I was travelling with got caught into a whirlpool, and got sucked in. He was a guy called Jack, and my friend Mike tried to save him, but ended up ripping his finger off from the force and lost him. I remember Jack saying something along the lines of "Hey, don't worry, if i'm lucky, maybe this thing isn't that lethal and I'll only be warped somewhere else...." I was going to save him, but he simply said "See you." in the calmest voice, taking me by surprise, before he vanished.

I remember that the only female of our group said that she wanted to go and try to find Jack herself in deeper portions of the forest that followed up to that strange pool, (I don't remember her name, it was probably Veronica though) so she split off and went off on her own, leaving me alone with Mike. He told me that they had built a new mine shaft down the road, and that we should check out the place because it seemed to have the lowest elevations. I agreed, and we went to a cliff where a wooden structure had been already established and we went down the elevator. Since we seemed to be safe in there, I curiously everted to layer 3, furthermore noticing that humans had moderately populated the planet in the near future and built houses and establishments, and had even decided to celebrate by having a costume party. I everted back to layer 2 before the elevator opened at the bottom, leading to a sparse, hilly grassland full of evergreen trees, with a mine cart and track in the distance. I saw my pet Siberian Husky, Dusty, frolicking around with another husky, and I tried to call him over, but he wouldn't listen, and there were more wild huskies that appeared in the arboreal forest, running around and playing with each other. I decided he would be happier being with his own kind, and decided to let him be and leave him alone, as saddening as it is to separate with my dog.

I went onto a minecart with Mike, and we started up the operations. It was motor-operated and the tracks reminded me of a rollercoaster, which gave me a BIG clue off to it being a dream. While the minecart was running, I remember it going downhill in a steep incline through barren, rocky structures and winding through a firey/magma filled tunnel. Somehow I came to the conclusion that this was a 'cellphone game' (WHAT? No cellphone could support something as elaborate as this shit!) instead of a 'dream', imparting this dream's reality into something that was actually supposed to be a videogame of sorts. As soon as I came to that conclusion, though, the Mine cart tracks had stopped construction and we went flying off from the sheer force of terminal velocity onto the largest freakin cairns structure ever. There was a huge pile of rocks, underneath an enormous arch, and the minecart had landed on a higher portion of the cairns. Mike ended up landing higher than I did, and he told me to go back to tell people to finish the goddamned mine cart track construction while he tried to retrieve the cart.

I remember going back up to the level where there were elephants and had the guts to evert to the 5th layer, which revealed the elephants being government-level security systems with visors on their heads. The forest was basically all gone and the space was enclosed by a black plexiglass prism, covered by motion detector lasers everywhere.

I broke the reality of the dream by removing the virtual reality goggles i was wearing, because I remember getting pursued by the elephants. I remember going onto some sort of popular game review website to find the ratings for this game, (which was also called Eversion, but it was completely different from the ACTUAL Eversion plotwise. The system was some virtual reality deal) and the overall rating was low (4??), while the graphics rating were really high (10), playability and controls was high (9), Entertainment was (5) but it got the low rating it did because it was too complicated to figure out according to the review, especially since you could evert layers freely anywhere you wanted.

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