Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Dog Hunters

I only remembered the latter section of my dream last night.

The last sequence began with myself and my mother walking through what looked like an untouched wasteland, the only marks of humanity came as abandoned cars scattered throughout the vista. To the right of us was a thick line of trees, opaque enough to know there lied a forest behind it. The sun was setting.

We walked along the point in the land of lowest elevation. It seemed that the path we were on was frequented by travelers coming through this plain. We walked silently, only speaking seldomly. I observed the makes and styles of each car we passed. The most notable of the cars was a dark green, tank-like car, covered in plates bolted on by large nuts sticking out of them. Each car was distinct and different from the last.

We continued on with our walk for an extensive amount of time, but at some point my mother pulled us off into an opening where we could enter the woods. The woods were noticeably darker and more ominous than the wasteland outside. At this point the dream got hazy, more or less jumping between points. The next segment in the sequence I remember is my mother and I coming upon what that looked like a stage in a cessation of the trees. Upon stepping on it along with my mother, more groups came from the darkness of the forest and stood on it as well. After a large enough crowd accumulated, my mother told me that this is where an old and antiquated, yet elite society of "Dog Hunters" met, to of course, hunt dogs. This seemed like a joke to me at first, images of household dogs appearing in my head. But very shortly after, in fact, almost immediately after, mammoth dogs began pouring out of the woods as the groups of Dog Hunters had just done.

The Dog Hunters instinctively pulled out their weapons of choice, their rifles, and began their hunt. I was unarmed, and caught off guard. I watched as gargantuan dogs of all breeds began to go after the hunters, some being taken out instantly.

The next part of the sequence I remember is climbing up a tree to find refuge from the dogs. I thought the dogs would be unable to get me up in a high elevation, but I was proved wrong upon the realization that the dogs could climb trees much like a bear can. Three or four dogs tried to get to me, and when they learned that I was moving from tree to tree to escape them, the other dogs would promptly start climbing the trees surrounding the one I occupied so I could no longer do so.

I can't recall what came next.

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