Sunday, July 25, 2010

Subtle Lucidity

21st - 22nd and 22nd-23rd dream I can't remember.

July 23rd-24th, 2010
Category: Converted, Semi-Lucid Nightmare
Genre: Slice-of-life
POV: Myself
Time-Span (Dream): A Few Hours
Time-Span (Reality): 10 Hours (5 AM - 3 PM)
Memorable Taglines: China
The nightmare consisted of my dad returning... but he ended up acting like a complete asshole to me. He told me my artwork sucked and he refused to help me find an apartment. Instead of me going to college, he sent me back to China to attend some middle schools so I can catch up on my Chinese skills (since its not like I actually look like my age) and I was forced into going through reading/writing marathons... Except it was physical- I remember running through some oriental structures and cobblestone pathways and rock walls. Also circular/cylindrical nondescript structures.
So somewhere down the line.. I'm pretty sure I 'warped' the dream in some way where I actually ended up in my apartment, because I remember making myself 'poof' into an apartment and 'picking' the design of my sofa, which was a white segmented one with a thin fur throw, then laying down and talking to my friend Mike via phone, who had some flight difficulties to visit me in person.

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