Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Broken 1965 JB Hutto Montgomery Airline

This is amongst the most scattered of dreams I've had. I'll try to recall as much as possible.

There were a couple main figures or characters in this dream. One of them was my aunt. Even more important was a 'human portmanteau' (if you will) of my aunt's boyfriend and the famous musician, Jack White. My aunt's boyfriend is a successful musician as well (although not achieving the level of Jack White.)

The first thing I remember in this dream is my aunt finding me. Either through my house, my school, or finding me on the street. She told me to get into the car with her, as I did. We began driving, the only place I can recall I've seen in real life is a street near mine. The resemblance was uncanny to the real life street. We drove for quite some time and came upon a line of houses. I somehow knew we were going to her house, and which of the houses was hers (even though she lives in California in reality.) I remember pulling into the driveway of the house, but not entering. This is really the most solid piece of the dream I can remember.

(All the rest of these segments may not be in the correct sequence, because I can't remember the proper lineage of events coming after the very first section.)

-I was in a distinct room, looking like an old shower room possibly. I came upon the distorted version of my aunts boyfriend/Jack White in here for the first time. The walls were decorated in off-white tiles. We had some sort of conversation in this room. He was tall, and had messy, shaggy Black hair. He looked more like Jack White than he did of my aunt's boyfriend. We wore all black, mainly covered in a long black trenchcoat or overcoat.

In one of the more memorable parts, I was walking down a street near my house. It's a busy, wide street with stripmalls on each side of it. The store I was nearest is a small alcohol store that also has more or less regular items like soda, candybars, and gum in the front. I remember walking alongside this cellar and seeing cars whiz by second by second. In the corner of my eye I saw something behind blown back and forth and rattled as the cars did so. I crossed the street and saw it was my aunts boyfriend/Jack White's famed red 1965 JB Hutto Montgomery Airline, with the body being broken off from the neck. Only the hollow plastic body was in sight. I picked it up and took it with me.

I remember going up to various people, and almost in a bragging way told them that this was my aunts boyfriend's guitar body, mentioning he was Jack White. Since the guitar is a more or less rare build, people immediately knew that it was his, and that he was famous. People seemed to be impressed. In a more surreal scene, I remember somehow travelling Rocco Botte, from interned famed comedy troupe, Mega64, and showing him that I had the body of a famous musician's famous guitar. He was even more impressed than all the others.

The last, or one of the last things I remember is possibly being near the alchohol store/the cellar again and telling either the shop manager, or somebody else that my famous relative, Jack White was going to give me the actual guitar of which I had the body. I also told this person that he was going to buy my brother a drum set, and that is why his famed guitar must have gotten broken.

Overall, a very broken up dream. There was a lot more to the dream. I vaguely recall being inside my aunt's house more, bragging to more people about the guitar, among other things, but this is the bulk of the dream, and the most important parts I can recall.

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